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Entry #6

Nyx nyx nyx nyx

2013-12-08 19:52:10 by Bluzlbee

nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx nyx


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2013-12-08 20:10:13

you have 1 fan


2013-12-08 20:10:31

which is me being the first


2013-12-09 03:56:14

The blessings of Nyx, is all we require.


2013-12-09 18:10:36

Indeed. Nyx embodies us all, and although I don't have a clue as to what it is, it certainly sounds like the business.

Actually I only clicked here because a musician favourite of mine, on this site, is known as 'Troisnyx' and I think it has a science fiction-sounding charm to it (although I have found that none of her music consists of anything futuristic, just classical pianic works and choral masterpieces.)

Anyway, this was fun. Take care now!